How to Beat San Xing Riches with Advantage Play

Max Bet600
Progressive Reset$1000
Payback (Return to Player)87-89%

How to Play San Xing Riches

San Xing Riches have three progressives: Fu (Green), Lu (Red), and Shou (Blue). When landing one of these it adds to the amount of free games accumulated. To trigger the free games you must collect a treasure chest symbol in the fifth reel and also a Blue, Green, or Red symbol. 

There is another skin of this game called Raise the Sails which uses similar mechanics to San Xing Riches.

Beating San Xing Riches with Advantage Play

To beat this slot game with advantage play, players should play when:

Blue: Must be 30 or higher.
Green: Must be 40 or higher.
Red: Must be 110 or higher.


How does the game become profitable?

The game becomes profitable when the free games meter goes beyond the point where hitting it covers the average cost. Keep in mind, this is an average, so if you don’t hit the free games in the expected number of spins, you might find yourself in a tough spot.

What are the progressives capped at?

The progressives are uncapped.

What do flames on the free games meters mean?

Flames appear on the free games meters when they reach the average number that the progressive hits at. However, with this uncapped progressive, a higher number does not mean it is more likely to hit.

How do the Money Ball Symbols work?

Money ball symbols, which represent cash-on-reel prizes, land on the reels and are only awarded when a collect symbol lands in the fifth reel as well. Minor and mini jackpots can be awarded this way, as well.

How does the free spins feature work?

During the free spins feature, the bronze plays at 243 ways, silver at 1024 ways, and gold at 3125 ways. Extra collect symbols are added to the fifth reel, increasing your chance of triggering the money balls during the feature.

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