How to Beat Prize Pool: Fierce Dragon with Advantage Play

ManufacturerIncredible Technologies

Prize Pool: Fierce Dragon is an advantage play slot.

This game has blocks above the reels with credit values. The blocks above correspond to the positions in the reels. The credit values increase when you land a gold scatter. If you land 4 or more Prize Pool scatters, you unlock the corresponding credit cubes. This game plays exactly the same as Prize Pool: Cactus Cash.

This video from it showcases Prize Pool: Cactus Cash and Prize Pool: Fierce Dragon

Beating Prize Pool: Fierce Dragon with Advantage Play

Calculate the value of the blocks using this color-coded system:

Green: 1
Purple: 2
Red: 5
Yellow (333.33x or higher bet, hard to hit): 2
Yellow (<333.33x bet, easier): 7

Play when the total value is at least 27.


Total: 0


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