How to Beat Ocean Magic with Advantage Play

Ocean Magic is an advantage play slot.


Ocean Magic is an advantage play slot.

Let’s dive into Ocean Magic, where Wild Bubbles and the Golden Mermaid’s magic can lead to huge wins. We’re going to reveal how to beat Ocean Magic, an IGT slot favorite, with advantage play. There is Chinese version of this game called Fu Ru Dong Hai. Both games play exactly the same.

How to Play Ocean Magic

Game Layout

The screen showcases four rows and five reels.

Betting System

Each credit bet opens up one payline.

Game Modes

Choose between Wild Bubble and Bubble Burst modes.

Wild Bubbles 

These special symbols randomly appear from the screen’s bottom, substituting for any symbol except the scatter.


Wild bubbles will form on the bottom row and rise row by row on each spin until the very top. After landing on the top row, the wild bubbles will disappear from the screen. You can also see bubbles that are about to enter the screen by looking below the bottom row.

When a wild bubble lands on the Ocean Magic logo, it triggers an expansion which turns adjacent symbols wild.

Bonus Game

When you land three or more Treasure Chest symbols on your screen, you will activate the bonus game which lets you pick bubbles for free spins or extra picks at getting more free spins.

Bubble Boost Mode

There is a special betting line on the bottom of the screen that is double the bet of the top row. Playing these bets will activate bubble boost mode which causes extra wild bubbles to appear from your screen from the mermaids horn. This feature is random and cannot be predicted.

Beating Ocean Magic with Advantage Play

To gain an edge on Ocean Magic, you must wait until the wild bubbles are in favorable positions for you.

Since wild bubbles disappear from the screen on the next spin, after being in the top row, it wouldn’t make sense to play a spin if the only wild bubbles are on the top row. 

Any wild bubbles on reel 5 don’t mean much as well since symbols need to connect left to right in order to pay you out.

Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to play when wild bubbles are in reels 1 to 4 and in rows 1 to 3. However, there are some edge cases to consider.

  1. If there are any bubbles below the first row in reels 1 to 4, that is a good play.
  2. Don’t play wild bubbles that are in reel 1 row 3 as the scatter effect will be marginal, and you won’t be able to play another spin since it will disappear from the screen on the next spin.
  3. Don’t play wild bubbles that are in reel 4 row 2 or reel 4 row 3 as the likelihood of paying out well are diminished.


Should I play more conservatively in Bubble Boost mode?

No, you should play with the same strategy. Although you bet double for more bubbles, the potential for big wins through streaks of bubbles, especially with the foghorn feature, can balance out the extra cost.

What are sunrise bubbles and why are they important?

Sunrise bubbles are wild bubbles below the bottom row. They’re crucial as they’re often missed by players and come in bursts, making them highly valuable.

Is it worth playing sunrise bubbles in reel five?

No, it’s best to avoid playing sunrise bubbles in reel five. These bubbles are the least valuable since the game pays from left to right and the room for expansion is limited. Playing bubbles in reel five in hopes for more sunrise bubbles or a foghorn is a losing strategy for this game.

What happens if I don’t expand a wild bubble?

If a wild bubble doesn’t land on an Ocean Magic symbol, you’ll likely lose money unless you have multiple bubbles. However, expanding one or more can lead to significant wins.

Which reels have the most valuable wild bubbles?

Reels two and three are most valuable for wild bubbles because there’s more space for expansion when they land on Ocean Magic symbols.

How can I distinguish between actual wild bubbles and expanded ones?

If you switch to a different bet level and then back, expanded wilds will disappear, showing only the persistent wild bubbles.

Is Ocean Magic still a good game to hustle at casinos?

Yes, despite its popularity and long presence, Ocean Magic remains a lucrative option for players familiar with its mechanics. However, it is checked often by many slot hustlers so there may be fewer opportunities on this game than on other games.

It is also important to note that regular slot players are also familiar with the mechanics of this game and may play off all the wild bubbles before standing up from the machine.

What are the hit frequencies for Bubble Boost and regular modes?

Bubble Boost mode has a hit frequency of 38.2%, while regular mode is at 20.2%.

What is payback rate (RTP) for Ocean Magic?

Payback rates are set differently by each casino. We can safely assume that the payback rate (RTP) for most Ocean Magic is 86-96%. This rate is an average from many spins over time. Individual results can vary greatly, especially with fewer games played.

What is a Wild Bubble?

A wild bubble is Ocean Magic’s version of a wild symbol.
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