What is Mewing? – The Benefits of Proper Oral Posture

When it comes to health and beauty, everyone is looking for a special trick or secret to look better and be healthier.

When it comes to facial aesthetics, mewing is a technique that comes as close as possible to a magic pill.


What is Mewing?

Coined after British orthodontist Dr. John Mew, mewing is a technique that promotes proper oral posture as a natural way to improve facial development and increase attractiveness.  

If you’re wondering how to do it, mewing involves placing the entire tongue on the roof of the mouth, lightly touching the teeth, and sealing the lips tightly. 

While it may seem simple, practicing mewing can support the development of facial bones in children and enhance facial features in adults.

What's the Theory Behind Mewing?

Dr. Mew, the founder of the London School of Facial Orthotropics, introduced the theory that improper tongue posture could contribute to various orthodontic issues, such as narrow arches, crookedness, and lack of facial definition. 

He also believes that correct oral posture could guide facial growth towards more aesthetically pleasing features like jawlines, cheekbones, nasal structures, and chin structures. 

More than just making you look good, mewing also betters your overall health. The impact of mewing extends beyond physical well-being to oral and overall wellness, which highlights why mewing is important:

    1. It develops your facial structure. 

Mewing is beneficial for facial development by influencing growth and alignment of facial bones, exerting a subtle but continuous force on the facial structures. 

Moreover, mewing also encourages the maxilla or the upper jaw to widen, which can create more space for the teeth and promote proper facial alignment.

This can contribute to a broader dental arch and straighter teeth. For the mandible or lower jaw, mewing helps develop correct positioning, leading to a more defined jawline.


  1. It makes you look attractive. 

When you mew, you’re positioning your tongue on the roof of your mouth and keeping your lips sealed.

This seemingly small change can make big changes for your face over time. 

With proper oral posture, mewing can help enhance your jawline, cheekbones, and even the shape of your nose and chin. It’s like giving your face a little workout, gearing towards an aesthetically pleasing direction. 

Coupled with other facial exercises, you can quickly improve your jawline and get rid of your double chin. Enhancing your facial features, mewing leads to facial symmetry and a defined jawline.

And let’s face it, a chiseled jawline is really attractive. So by practicing mewing, you’re basically giving yourself a natural facelift without any surgery or fancy treatments.

  1. It promotes better oral health. 

Beyond the visual improvement, mewing also benefits your oral health.

The practice can help align your teeth properly while also improving your bite.

When you mew, your jaws come together in a more harmonious way. This means better bite alignment, preventing issues like malocclusion or the improper alignment of teeth when you close your jaws. 

Aside from your oral health, mewing also helps in breathing. This practice opens up your airways, making it easier to breathe through your nose. So, if you’ve been feeling a bit stuffed up, mewing might give you some relief.

Dr. Weston Price and the Genetically Perfect Face

Known as the Isaac Newton of Nutrition, Dr. Weston Price embarked on a global research endeavor in the early 20th century, investigating isolated communities worldwide. Based on his observations, communities that consumed nutrient-rich diets had excellent dental and physical health, as well as well-developed facial structures with broad dental arches, straight teeth, and well-defined facial features.

His observations disproved that crooked teeth and associated dental issues were solely genetic predispositions. Instead, Dr. Price suggested that they are caused by specifically poor nutrition that adopted Western diets – rich in processed foods and refined sugars – resulting in their once excellent dental health to deteriorate. 

This was groundbreaking as it implied that humans are naturally born with beautiful faces and straight teeth. It’s the way we interact with our environment that has caused us to deteriorate our health and aesthetics.

This research was a strong foundation for mewing. Given the right nutrition and oral posture, every individual should develop straight teeth and an attractive facial profile. Through the principles of mewing, the aim is to restore this natural trajectory and guide our bodies back to their intended path.

"Primitive" Seminoles with wide, attractive faces with plenty of room for the dental arches.
"Modernized” Seminole girl with a narrowed face, crowded teeth and a reduced immunity to disease.

Photo credits goes to Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

Maximizing the Effects of Mewing with Facial Exercises

While mewing focuses on correct oral posture, facial exercises are designed to strengthen facial muscles. Regularly practicing these can maximize mewing efforts while also speeding up the results of facial development and attractiveness. 

The JawSculptor is an excellent addition to your mewing practice and facial exercise routine. Highly recommended for individuals who want a well-defined jawline, improved facial features, and improved oral health, the JawSculptor offers resistance training specifically for the muscles in and around the jaw area.

By strengthening and toning facial muscles, similar to how weightlifting enhances arm muscles, the JawSculptor helps achieve that sought-after chiseled look – without having to spend on surgeries and face lifts. 

Mewing, combined with facial exercises and the use of the JawSculptor, provides an effective strategy to enhance facial attractiveness.

Stay consistent, be patient, and your desired results will eventually come.

Disclaimer: Please note that the information presented here should not be considered medical advice, and individual results may vary.

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