Comfy Brace Posture Corrector Vs. Posture Lobster

In a world battling with worsening posture habits, numerous posture correctors promise the world. But how many of these truly deliver?

The Comfy Brace Posture Corrector and Posture Lobster stand out as two popular posture correctors that serve a similar purpose but have different ways of accomplishing it.

Using customer reviews as evidence, we’ll be breaking down their features and benefits to compare them against each other.

The Comfy Brace

With over 43,000 reviews, the Comfy Brace leads in popularity on Amazon. It looks like a figure-eight and is worn similarly to a backpack, using soft, cushioned straps for comfort. Its design focuses on correcting hunchbacks by pulling the shoulders back and acting as a posture reminder through increased tension against the shoulders during slouching.

The Posture Lobster

The newer Posture Lobster differs significantly. Despite fewer reviews, it enjoys a high 5-star rating and has gone viral all over Facebook and Instagram.

It was designed to finish what the Comfy Brace started. Instead of just focusing on the shoulders, it aims for complete spine alignment, featuring a back piece with support rods and a lumbar belt.

With additional parts, the Posture Lobster is designed to be highly adjustable, acting as both a posture “reminder” and a posture “corrector”.

Comparing the Two

After scouring thousands of reviews across the internet, we’ve taken plenty of notes on what users have said about both products. When assessing posture correctors, customers typically look for effectiveness, comfort, fit, ease of use, and discretion. These factors will be our criteria for this comparison.


People seeking mild posture reminders may prefer light-tension posture correctors.

However, those dealing with severe posture issues or back pain often seek robust, alignment-focused posture correctors.

By design, the Comfy Brace serves as a gentle reminder to prevent one from slouching by bracing the shoulders and pulling them back when they become too rounded.

The Posture Lobster, on the other hand, offers comprehensive correction, targeting the entire spine. Shoulders, mid back, lower back, the Posture Lobster boasts its triple point alignment technology.

Users seeking significant posture improvement often report better results with the Posture Lobster, especially when starting with poor posture.


The more comfortable a posture corrector is, the more likely a user will wear it and stay committed to using it.

The Comfy Brace, while effective at low tensions, can cause discomfort and reduced circulation at higher settings. Many also report armpit pain since the straps roll up at higher tension levels.

The Posture Lobster, with its adjustable straps and support belt, addresses this issue, distributing tension more evenly and reducing discomfort. Since the straps wrap around the lower back and fasten on the lumbar support belt, there is more tension on the outer part of the shoulder. Furthermore, the user can change the angles of tension to what works and feels best for their body.

While the lumbar support belt is what gives the Posture Lobster its adjustability in tension, it also gives the Posture Lobster user an extra part to worry about, in addition to the back support piece.

This extra bulk can act both as a negative and a positive, since people who prefer the Posture Lobster over the Comfy Brace actively seek these for complete back support. And it is to be noted that the Posture Lobster makes up for this bulk by using very lightweight and breathable mesh.

While the Comfy Brace wins with its compact design, the Posture Lobster wins in its adjustability and lack of armpit pain.


The fit of a posture corrector is frequently discussed in product reviews. The Comfy Brace is a one-size-fits-all posture corrector, while the Posture Lobster comes in 7 different sizes, from Small to 4XL.

A lot of Posture Lobster users on the bigger end seem to be very satisfied with the sizing options as their reviews discuss disappointment with other posture correctors that either provided limited sizing or were one-size-fits-all. In fact, the Posture Lobster makes this a huge selling point on their product page.

When it comes to fit, it’s hard to beat the Posture Lobster, as they include multiple sizes and even allow for custom orders.

Ease of Use

Both correctors are straightforward to wear, similar to putting on a backpack. The Posture Lobster’s additional lumbar belt adds a step but is generally not seen as a hindrance.

Users who wear the Posture Lobster by manually crossing the straps behind their back report that it’s easier and faster to put on than the Comfy Brace.


The Comfy Brace scores higher in terms of being less conspicuous due to its simpler design. Nonetheless, the Posture Lobster’s slim build still allows for discretion under most clothing. There are tons of users who wear a simple t-shirt over a Posture Lobster.

The Winner

Choosing between the Comfy Brace and Posture Lobster boils down to your specific posture correction needs. For slight adjustments and occasional posture reminders, the Comfy Brace is suitable. But for more significant, all-encompassing spinal correction and alignment, the Posture Lobster, with its adjustability and comprehensive design, is the better choice.

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