How to Beat Mai Tai Money with Advantage Play

Mai Tai Money is an advantage play slot.

How to Play Mai Tai Money

Mai Tai Money has four drinks with multipliers above the reels. In a wheel spin, these multipliers boost wedge credits matching their colors. For instance, a blue drink with a 5x multiplier increases all blue wedge values by 5x during the spin. These values are then added up and awarded to the player. Bier Bier Bier is another skin of this game that plays very similarly.

Beating Mai Tai Money with Advantage Play

The player has the edge when the sum of all drink multipliers is 18x or higher.


How are drink multipliers accumulated?

In Mai Tai Money, landing six full stacks of tiki symbols increases a drink multiplier by 1x. In Bier Bier Bier, seven full stacks of barmaid symbols do the same.

What is the maximum value for drink multipliers?

Drink multipliers can reach up to 5x. However, any extra multipliers beyond 5x are stored and carried over after the multiplier is triggered.

How many wheel scatter symbols are needed to trigger the wheel spin feature?

Triggering the wheel spin requires six wheel scatter symbols. More symbols will add an additional multiplier to the wheel values.

7 Symbols: 2x multiplier
8 Symbols: 3x multiplier
9 Symbols: 4x multiplier
10 Symbols: 5x multiplier

What happens when the wheel spin is triggered with more than six symbols?

Landing seven or more wheel symbols multiplies the extra multipliers with the drink multipliers, potentially leading to a total multiplier of up to 25x.

How often does the wheel spin feature occur?

On average, the wheel spin feature triggers approximately every 65 spins.

Do drink multipliers affect the free games bonus?

Yes, drink multipliers carry over into the free games bonus. The wheel spin is easier to trigger during free games, averaging every 40 spins, and comes with a minimum 2x multiplier.

How profitable is the base game and the free games bonus?

Line hits in the base game and payouts from the free games bonus are typically low. Most of the game’s return comes from the wheel spin feature.

Does Mai Tai Money have high variance?

Yes. Players should be prepared for big wins and losses and bring a large bankroll. 

Can you identify plays by looking at the bet pad?

The bet pad displays flames around bet levels with built-up multipliers, indicating potential plays without needing to insert money.

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