How to Beat Magic Treasures: Tiger with Advantage Play

Magic Treasures: Tiger is an advantage play slot.


How to Play Magic Treasures: Tiger

Magic Treasures is an advantage play slot that is played by collecting Money Ball symbols. Collected Money Balls increase the counter shown on the Green Bowl above the reels. When the bonus feature is triggered, the collected Money Balls get distributed on the reels and credits are randomly assigned to the Money Balls to be awarded to the player.

There is another version of this game called Magic Treasures: Dragon that plays similarly for advantage play purposes.

Beating Magic Treasures: Tiger with Advantage Play

You should play whenever there are 14 or more Money Balls collected.


How do you trigger the bonus feature?

The bonus feature gets randomly triggered whenever the player lands a Money Ball symbol.

Does the counter reset after the bonus feature?

Yes, it resets back to 5.

Is Magic Treasures a high-variance game?

Yes, Magic Treasures can be a fairly high-variance game. You can end up chasing the Money Balls to a very high number but have it not pay you very well. 

What is the cap on the Money Balls counter?

The Money Balls counter is capped at 50.

Does the odds of triggering the Money Balls bonus feature change with more balls collected?

Yes, the likelihood of triggering the feature increases as more Money Balls are collected.

How are Money Balls with credit values awarded during the base game?

Money Balls with credit values are awarded when they land on three or more reels that are connected, starting from the first reel. If the Money Balls have mini, minor, or maxi jackpots on them, you can win these jackpots as well.

Do accumulated Money Balls carry over into the free games bonus?

No, the accumulated Money Balls don’t carry over into the free games bonus; it always starts at five. However, Money Balls collected during the bonus remain, making the feature more valuable, especially with re-triggered free games.

Are there other ways to trigger the bonus or free games features?

Yes, the tiger can randomly award a feature.

Do the coins above the reels impact the game results?

No, the coins above the reels do not affect the game. They are just for visual.

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