Best Exercises for a Sharp and Defined Jawline

Human facial muscles perform many essential functions such as chewing, blinking and expressing emotion.

Unfortunately, many of these muscles go underutilized, leading to sagging and loss of definition in particular for jawline muscles due to gravity’s pull and natural processes of aging.

Facial fitness has become an increasing trend and by using specific exercises, you can tone these muscles for a toned appearance and achieve a more defined jawline.

And if you’re suffering from an unwanted double chin that creeps into photos, you’re going to want to start as soon as possible.

Why Facial Exercises Are Important

Working your facial muscles has many advantages. It can tighten sagging skin, enhance facial contours and contribute to a more youthful look. Facial exercises focused on jawline muscles target them for improved muscle tone, stimulation of blood flow and helping reduce double chins.

Befor starting any facial exercises, it is essential to remember that creating a defined jawline requires more than simply doing these exercises – it also involves maintaining a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and getting sufficient restful sleep as well as cutting back on sodium and alcohol consumption in order to prevent bloat.

Exercises to Define Your Jawline

Here are five effective exercises to start shaping your jawline.


This is the godfather of all jawline and facial exercises. The truth is that mewing shouldn’t even be considered an exercise. Our faces should be mewing 24/7, even in a rested state. 

Mewing is when you put your entire tongue against the roof of your mouth, have a tight lip seal, and breath through your nose. This is proper mouth posture, and we should strive to be in this state even when resting.

To keep the entire tongue on the roof of your mouth, your mouth has an internal suction on your tongue. This suction is emphasized when you swallow.

A trick to get into proper mewing position is to swallow, feel the suction of your tongue against your upper palate, and stay in that position.

This tension in your mouth is responsible for keeping your head properly aligned with your neck, giving support to your upper jaw for forward facial development, and reducing the fat under your chin.

MewingBeforeAfter scaled

Jaw Pushups

Open your mouth wide and bring your lower teeth to your upper teeth by only using your lower jaw. 

Don’t strain too hard and focus on properly opening and closing.

Jaw Pushups

Neck Stretches

Yes, to build a nice jawline you need to stretch. 

A lot of us are always looking down when we are on our phones. This creates too much tension in the front of our necks, giving us the look of a weak jawline, and maybe even a double chin.

To undo the effect of “text neck”, we need to have proper tongue position and stretch our necks.

Stretch your neck in every direction and hold it there for at least 15 seconds in each direction. Go around the world and target as many angles as possible.

You can use your hands for support to get a deeper stretch. 

Be gentle and slowly work your way into a deep stretch. Don’t overdo it.


Neck Rotations

Lie down on your stomach and lift your head up from the ground. Look all the way to your left and then to your right. Hold each side for 15 seconds.

This will alleviate the tension in the back of your neck, fixing your posture, and help you further get rid of the extra slack in the front of your neck that is preventing you from having a nice jawline.


Chewing directly targets your masseters, giving your jaw a nice, square, and toned look.

Our ancestors naturally chewed on tough foods, so they never  had to perform such exercises to have nice jawlines. Our diets, on the other hand, have become way too soft that our jaws have begun to lose their proper shape.

While you can start adding more meat to your diet, the best way to regain all those years wasted on not training your jaw is to use a training aid.

Mastic gum can do the trick, but a jaw trainer like the JawSculptor or JawSculptor Pro is even better as you can increase the resistance on your jaw. 


Designed specifically to provide resistance training specifically targeting muscles in and around the jaw area, this device makes an effective addition to facial workout regimens.

The exercise is simple. You just bite and chew repeatedly for multiple minutes. Just like weight training for your biceps, regularly working out your jaw will enhance jawline definition and give you that desirable chiseled look.

If you’re new to this, you will feel a burn. Don’t give up though.

Over time, as your jaws get tougher, you want to be increasing your reps or the resistance on your jaws.

JawSculptor has resistances from 30 to 40lbs and the JawSculptor Pro has resistances from 40 to 60lbs. 

Having a tool like the JawSculptor can make jaw exercises routine for you, just like going to the gym, ensuring your way to fast gains.


Attaining a defined jawline requires consistent effort, healthy lifestyle choices, and facial exercises that target jaw and neck muscles. By pairing these exercises with healthy diet and tools like the JawSculptor, you can successfully boost its definition.

Remember, every face is different; what works for one may not for another. Just stick with your routine and be patient–over time you should see improvements in facial definition!

Before embarking on any new exercise routine, it is always advisable to consult a healthcare provider, particularly if any preexisting medical conditions exist.

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