How to Get Rid of a Double Chin

A double chin occurs when submental fat accumulates beneath your chin, causing a sagging effect that appears like two chins instead of one.

Double chins are a cosmetic concern for both men and women and typically result from age, diet, weight gain, genetics, poor spinal posture, and poor oral posture.


Why Do We Get a Double Chin?

Not all double chins are equal. There are many different reasons why a double chin can form on your face.


As we age, our skin becomes less elastic, leading to excess skin under the chin that eventually results in a double chin. 


A diet rich in processed foods, unhealthy fats and calories may contribute to weight gain that leads to double chin development.


Just like how some physical characteristics or tendencies run in families, you can be genetically predisposed to having more than a normal amount of fat on your face at your body fat percentage.


Poor posture may weaken neck and chin muscles over time and lead to muscle support being absent and ultimately creating excess skin beneath your chin as muscle support is no longer present under your chin area resulting in overhang.

Improper Facial Development

If you have a weak jawline or a recessed jawline, your jaw might not have the support it needs to evenly distribute the fat underneath your chin.

Combatting the Double Chin: Dietary Changes and Exercise

Cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures may offer ways to eliminate double chins, but these procedures often come with potentially harmful side effects and risks. Lifestyle changes should always be seen as the first line of defense against double chins.

Dietary Changes

Having lower body fat in general will reduce the body fat on your face.

Consumption of processed food items with high sodium concentration, unhealthy fats or processed carbs as well as excess water retention from these items will only exacerbate the look of a double chin.

Furthermore, adequate water consumption plays an integral part in digestion, flushing out toxins out of the system and creating healthier skin tissue layers overall.

Exercises and Facial Workouts

Exercise can help to shed unwanted body fat, including that under your chin. Engaging in regular cardio activities such as brisk walking, jogging or cycling is an excellent way to burn calories and decrease overall body fat percentage.

Facial exercises to strengthen neck and jaw muscles may also prove useful. Here are three simple exercises you can try out:

Neck Stretch: Tilt your head back and look up to the ceiling while puckering your lips to simulate kissing it and stretch the area below your chin by pressing hard on it with your teeth. Do this 10 times.

Tongue Stretch: While facing straight ahead, extend your tongue as far as it will go and lift it upward towards your nose for 10 seconds at a time until holding for 10 seconds and repeating 10 times.

* Release Jaw: Sit with your back straight and move your jaw as if you were chewing, while keeping lips closed. Breathe deeply and hum, before opening your mouth wide with tongue pressed against bottom teeth, holding for 5-10 seconds at a time before repeating 10 times.

Before embarking on any new exercise routine, consult with a healthcare provider first, especially if any preexisting medical conditions exist.

Training Aids


Assisting these efforts is the JawSculptor, a special device created to target and strengthen muscles of the jaw and neck.

Acting like dumbbells do for arm muscles, this resistance tool gives your jaw muscles an effective workout – thus contributing to more defined jawlines while indirectly helping reduce double chins.

The JawSculptor is made of food-grade silicone designed to be safe, durable, and effective. By biting down on it you work your jaw muscles while strengthening them with regularity over time.

With various resistance levels available you can gradually intensify your workout as your muscles strengthen further.

Regular use of the JawSculptor can enhance jawline definition by toning muscles within the jaw.

Double Chin Reduction: The JawSculptor can help reduce the appearance of a double chin by strengthening and stretching out the platysma muscle which runs along the neck from your jawbone.

Alleviating Tension: The JawSculptor may help alleviate tension and stress in the jaw and neck caused by extended screen viewing time.

Rehabilitation: With professional guidance, the JawSculptor could assist those recovering from jaw surgeries or those suffering from TMJ disorders to regain strength and mobility.

Changing Your Facial Structure

If you have low body fat and strong facial muscles but still have a double chin, it’s more than likely that your facial structure is the issue. 

If you have a recessed chin or jawline, it can create a double chin because of the lack of structural support for the skin and fat around your bottom jaw.

While strengthening your jaw can certainly firm up your skin and redistribute the fat around your face, if you suffer from poor facial development, you need to consider alternative methods.

Jaw surgery should be the ultimate last resort. Even with a somewhat recessed chin, you can have a defined jawline by doing facial workouts and using tools like the JawSculptor.

To make all your facial exercises even more effective, you need to be mewing.

Mewing is proper posture for your face. You want to have your tongue flush against the roof of your mouth, have a tight lip seal, and adequate suction in your mouth that keeps your tongue on the top and the fat on your neck held up.

Having difficulties with mewing? Swallow your saliva and don’t release at the end. This position is called mewing. It’s essentially how you want your face to be 24/7.

With your tongue constantly pushing against your upper palate, your upper jaw will move forward, accentuating and defining your cheekbones, and your lower jaw will follow suit as well to align with your bite.

If you’ve spent many years of your life with poor oral posture, mewing may be difficult.

While it may not be the fastest way to an aesthetic face, it’s something we recommend you to start practicing along with all the other tips we mentioned above.



Double chins are an increasingly prevalent issue, often caused by factors such as age, genetics, diet and poor posture.

Although usually harmless, double chins can have an adverse effect on self-esteem and make one self-conscious about their appearance.

Healthy lifestyle choices such as eating right and regular exercise can go a long way towards preventing and reducing double chins.

One tool to help in this fight is the JawSculptor, providing targeted workouts to strengthen jawline definition and reduce double chin appearance over time. With proper use, the JawSculptor may help prevent double chins altogether.

Be consistent! Just like with any fitness goal, results take time and regular use to see results. So start your journey toward a chiseled jawline and rid yourself of that pesky double chin now with the JawSculptor!

Before embarking on any new exercise regimen, always consult a healthcare provider, particularly if any preexisting medical conditions exist.

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