How to Beat Fuse Blast (Caifu Zhi Wu) with Advantage Play

Fuse Blast (Caifu Zhi Wu) is an advantage play slot.


How to Play Fuse Blast (Caifu Zhi Wu)

Fuse Blast (Caifu Zhi Wu) is an advantage slot, in which players try to land a candle and a firecracker on the reels at the same time to connect those two symbols and light a fuse to the firecracker. The fuse and firecracker are locked in place.

The player will then keep spinning to burn the fuse down one slot symbol position at a time. Some spins will cause the fuse to burn all the way down to the firecracker. When the fuse reaches the firecracker, it explodes to trigger the Fuse Blast feature, which is when fireballs are added to the reels. Each fireball has a credit associated with it that will be rewarded to the player.

When six or more fireballs land, a hold & spin bonus feature is triggered, and if the player collects all 15 fireballs, they will win the grand jackpot. Otherwise, the player will simply win all the credits associated with the fireballs. The player can also land other jackpots in the hold & spin feature or in the initial Fuse Blast feature..

Beating Fuse Blast (Caifu Zhi Wu) with Advantage Play

To beat this advantage slot, the player should play when there is a firecracker with a lit fuse. In other words, they should only play whenever a previous player has connected the firecracker and candle and has left the machine in that state.


How does the length of the fuse affect the Fuse Blast feature?

The longer the fuse, the more fireballs that are released in the Fuse Blast feature.

Do naturally landed fireballs during the final spin count towards the feature?

Yes, any fireballs landing naturally during the final spin count towards the six required for triggering the hold & spin feature.

What happens to the candle symbol in subsequent spins?

The candle symbol disappears in subsequent spins, while the firecracker remains locked on the reels.

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