How to Beat Fú Blossom with Advantage Play

Fú Blossom is an advantage play slot.

How to Play Fú Blossom

Fú Blossom has flowers with credit values above reels two to four, each with eight pearls as counters. With each spin, a pearl is removed from every flower. When all eight pearls are gone, the flower’s credits reset to zero.

Landing a pearl symbol with a credit value under a flower adds that value to the flower and resets its pearl count to eight. A special gold symbol awards the flower’s accumulated credits. The game also has a ‘fortune spins’ mode, boosting all wins with multipliers.

There is another version of this game called Fortune Garden which plays very similarly and uses the same advantage play strategy.

Beating Fú Blossom with Advantage Play

Play when the sum of all three credit values on the flowers add up to 60x your bet. 

You should also always play whenever the game is in “fortune spins” mode.


How do I know if the game is in Fortune Spins Mode?

You will know the game is in fortune spins mode when you see a multiplier above the flowers and there is fortune cookie on the bet pad.

Are there certain situations to avoid?

It’s advisable to play when the credits are evenly spread across all three flowers, reducing variance. Focusing on a single high-value flower is riskier.

Do the flowers become harder to trigger as values increase?

Yes, triggering flowers gets more difficult as their credit values build. However, it can still reach a +EV state.

How does the fortune spins mode feature work?

Fortune spins mode activates randomly and starts with a 2x multiplier on all wins. The mode can escalate to a 3x multiplier and up to 5x through a random pick feature.

Can triggering a flower during fortune spins mode lead to bigger wins?

Yes, triggering a built-up flower during fortune spins mode can result in substantial wins.

Is Fu Blossom: Blessings the same as Fu Blossom: Prosperity?

Both games use the same strategy.

What is the payback (RTP) for these games?

The payback for Fortune Garden and Fu Blossom ranges from 85% to 97%.

How do the pearl counters function?

A pearl is removed from each stem with each spin. Landing a pearl symbol adds its value to the flower and resets the counter to eight, adding the pearls back on the flowers.

What happens during fortune spins mode with line hits and flower triggers?

In fortune spins mode, the active multiplier amplifies all line hits and triggered flower values.

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