How to Beat Frankenstein with Advantage Play

Frankenstein is an advantage play slot.

ManufacturerLight & Wonder

How to Play Frankenstein

Frankenstein showcases several prizes above the reels, accessible during the ‘It’s Alive’ feature. These prizes can gain random multipliers when a Power Up symbol lands on the first reel. Players can activate the ‘It’s Alive’ feature by landing an ‘It’s Alive’ symbol in the first reel and a Frankenstein head in reels two to five. 

In this bonus, each Frankenstein head targets a prize, awarding you its credit value multiplied by any multipliers that were on it. Once the bonus ends, existing multipliers are removed and 2-3 new ones are randomly assigned to the higher-value prizes, excluding the smallest three blue prizes.

Beating Frankenstein with Advantage Play

Add up the multipliers on all blue prizes and the bottom three orange prizes (maxi, minor and mini). Then subtract this number by the number of multipliers accounted for. If this number is greater than 11, then the player has an edge.

Another way to do this is to treat every multiplier as 1 less than the number represented (4x is 3x, 3x is 2x, etc.) and add them all up. If this number is greater than 11x, then the player has an edge.

Frankenstein Calculator

Play if 11 or higher: 0


Is there a lower variance strategy for this game?

Targeting multipliers spread among the smaller blue prizes is lower variance than focusing on larger blue or orange prizes.

Do multipliers persist during the free games bonus?

Yes, built-up multipliers from the base game continue throughout the free games bonus, where ‘It’s Alive’ triggers more often with a taller reelset, offering chances for big wins.

What are the types of jackpots in the game?

The game features progressive jackpots (grand, super, major) and fixed jackpots (maxi, minor, mini) relative to the bet level.

Are there any restrictions on winning the grand jackpot?

The grand jackpot, a wide-area progressive, only becomes available for wagers above $3. It doesn’t have multipliers, nor can it be won during free games.

What happens when multiple ‘It’s Alive’ symbols land?

Each ‘It’s Alive’ symbol reruns the feature, potentially leading to substantial wins.

How do Frankenstein heads with flames function?

These special heads target orange jackpot prizes instead of blue credit prizes.

What is the impact of landing a Power Up symbol?

Landing a Power Up symbol boosts the multiplier of a prize by one to five times.

What’s the maximum multiplier on any prize?

Multipliers are capped at 10x for any single prize.

What is the payback (RTP) range for Frankenstein?

The payback (RTP) for Frankenstein ranges from 86.5% to 89%.

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