How to Beat Fortune Lanterns with Advantage Play

Fortune Lanterns is an advantage play slot.


How to Play Fortune Lanterns

The goal of Fortune Lanterns is to collect lanterns with prizes to trigger a pick feature in which players can pick a lantern to win a prize. This feature is triggered when four lanterns are collected above a reel, and there is a 1 in 4 chance of winning the prize.

Beating Fortune Lanterns with Advantage Play

Since it is difficult to list out every single possible +EV scenario, we will use a heuristic that will cover most +EV cases. These cases are where you will make most of your money.

In this heuristic, you will treat bonus lanterns as 35x your bet size.

Only look at reels with at least 3 lanterns and add up all those lanterns. If the sum is 100x your bet size, you should play.

If all five reels have 3 lanterns, then you should play no matter what.

In a situation where there are only 2 lanterns collected above a reel, you should only play it if their sum is at least 185x your bet size.

Do not chase reels with only 1 lantern collected unless it is a lantern with a Grand jackpot. 


What is the chance of winning the lantern I want?

There is a 1 in 4 chance of winning the lantern you want during the pick feature.

What is the chance of landing a lantern?

About 1 in every 60 spins.

How does the distribution of lantern prizes affect game variance?

Games with more evenly spread lantern prizes have lower variance. It’s generally better to have a mix of purple, green, and yellow lanterns rather than just blue and red.

How come some APs treat the bonus lantern as 50x?

35x is a conservative estimate while 50x is aggressive. 50x is potentially profitable, but it’s best to have a large bankroll and many plays to make expected value generated come to fruition.

What are the values of the minor and major jackpots?

The minor jackpot is valued at 20 times your bet level, and the major jackpot at 100 times.

What happens when lanterns land on the reels?

Upon landing, lanterns transform into wild symbols, enhancing the potential for winning combinations.

Is it possible to have multiple grand lanterns above a single reel?

No, you cannot collect more than one grand lantern above a reel, so multiple grand lanterns to pick from in the pick feature is not possible.

How is the pick feature triggered?

The pick feature gets triggered when you collect 4 lanterns above a reel.

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