How to Beat Duo Fu Duo Cai Grand: Ingotcha with Advantage Play

Duo Fu Duo Cai Grand: Ingotcha is an advantage play slot.

ManufacturerLight & Wonder

How to Play Duo Fu Duo Cai Grand: Ingotcha

In Duo Fu Duo Cai Grand: Ingotcha, players try to trigger the hold & spine feature by collecting six wild symbols or landing six coin symbols. The wild symbols lock for two spins and landing new wilds reset this count back to two. Do not confuse this game with Duo Fu Duo Cai Grand: Dragons.

Beating Duo Fu Duo Cai Grand: Ingotcha with Advantage Play

Opportunities to play with an edge:

  1. One locked wild in the first three reels.
  2. Two locked wilds anywhere on the screen.

Make sure the wilds say that they are locked on the screen above the reels.


Is Duo Fu Duo Cai Grand: Ingotcha the same as Duo Fu Duo Cai Grand: Dragons?

Although they are usually placed next to each other in the same bank, both games are different and should be played differently. Beating Duo Fu Duo Cai Grand: Dragons involves a different strategy.

What should I expect from line hits in this game?

Line hits are generally weak. You’ll need five-of-a-kind of premium symbols for substantial payouts. While most plays may lose money, occasional big wins or random bonus feature triggers can offset losses.

Where do locked wilds appear on the reels?

Locked wilds appear only on reels two, three, and four, while coins can appear on any reel.

What’s special about the locked wilds in this game?

Locked wilds come in red and yellow. Red wilds can randomly trigger the red jackpot feature, and yellow wilds the golden jackpot feature.

How often do wilds appear in the game?

Wilds appear frequently, launching every few spins, making it common to find playable opportunities.

What happens when you fill a column during the hold & spin feature?

Filling a column with three coins awards a multiplier spin, applying a 2x to 5x multiplier to each coin in a randomly selected filled column. Multiple multipliers on the same column can lead to huge wins.

What is the reward for filling all positions in the hold & spin feature?

Completing all 15 positions during this feature wins the fortune jackpot.

Do the bowls filling with gold coins indicate a nearing bonus feature?

No, the gold coins accumulating in bowls don’t indicate proximity to triggering a bonus feature. It is only for visual purposes.

What is the payback (RTP) for Duo Fu Duo Cai Grand: Ingotcha?

The payback of Duo Fu Duo Cai Grand: Dragons ranges from 87.18% to 94.17%.

What indicates a potential hold & spin feature trigger?

A combination of six wilds and/or coin symbols. 

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