How to Beat Dragon Rush: Fei Nu with Advantage Play

Dragon Rush Fei Nu
ManufacturerIncredible Technologies
Payback (RTP)85.19% – 94.20%
Denominations1¢, 2¢, 5¢, 10¢
Bet Options60, 120, 180, 240, 360, 600

Dragon Rush: Fei Nu is an advantage play slot.

How to Play Dragon Rush: Fei Nu

In Dragon Rush, collect six gold egg scatter symbols to trigger the bonus feature. Landing a gold egg scatter symbol will lock it in place for three more spins. This count is reset when you land another gold egg scatter symbol. Dragon Rush: Fei Jin is another skin of this game that plays similarly.

Beating Dragon Rush: Fei Nu with Advantage Play

Always play when there are two gold egg scatter symbols collected.

You can play with one gold egg scatter symbol if it’s the one with a wheel or if the credit value is at least 15x your bet.


How many scatter symbols are needed to trigger the bonus?

Despite the bet pad indicator holding only five scatter symbols, you need six to trigger the bonus, differing from similar games like Ultra Rush Gold and Ultra Rush Gold X.

Do I need six gold egg scatter symbols for the bonus?

No, any combination of six scatter symbols, including blue bubbles with credit values and wheel symbols, can trigger the bonus. The good thing about gold egg symbols is that they lock for additional spins.

Do gold egg scatter symbols block other symbols?

No, gold egg scatters don’t act as blockers. Symbols landing behind them still count and are displayed as small icons at the bottom of the gold egg.

What happens when the gold lock spin count reaches zero?

The game may randomly award three additional spins once the gold lock spin count hits zero.

How can I quickly check this machine for plays?

A quick glance at the bet pad reveals potential plays. For other denominations, tap the buttons on the bet pad.

What is the payback (RTP) for Dragon Rush: Fei Nu?

Dragon Rush: Fei Nu offers RTP settings from 85.19% to 94.20%.

What is the reward for filling all reels in the feature?

Filling all reels during the feature awards a $100 bonus on a $0.60 bet, and this amount scales up for higher bets.

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