How to Beat Dragon: Jin Long Jin Bao

Dragon: Jin Long Jin Bao is an advantage play slot.

ManufacturerLight & Wonder

How to Beat Dragon: Jin Long Jin Bao with Advantage Play

Dragon: Jin Long Jin Bao’s unique feature includes fire rings that lock on reels for three spins. Each new ring resets the spin count to three. Land a coin with a credit value in a ring to win that amount. Coins come in stacks, so any coins above a winning coin also drop down, boosting your reward.

Beating Jin Long Jin Bao with Advantage Play

Play this game when there are three or more rings of fire anywhere on the screen. 

Play Cash Cano when two rows already have three gems each or when one row has three gems with the total credit value on the minor, maxi, and major (excluding mini) are at least 45x your bet. 


How can I track the number of spins remaining for fire rings?

Look below the middle reel to see the spin count. It’s a favorite among hustlers for its quick play and potential for big wins.

Is it possible to win multiple coins on a single reel?

Yes, if there are multiple fire rings on the same reel, you can win coins more than once.

How does the game indicate a win with coin stacks?

The game exclaims “Dragon!” right before awarding a stack of coins.

What is the maximum stack height for coins?

Coins can stack up to 30 high, offering substantial win potential.

How is the free games bonus triggered?

Landing three wheel symbols triggers the free games bonus. A wheel spin then determines the number of free games and reel height, with up to 50 free games and ten-symbol-tall reels.

Do fire rings continue during the free games bonus?

Yes, fire rings persist throughout the entire bonus, creating opportunities for huge wins with extended free games.

What is a dragon head coin?

Dragon head coins contain larger credit values, enhancing win potential.

How do winning big coin stacks work?

When a stack of coins lands, every coin above the one in the fire ring, even off-screen ones, drop down and are awarded.

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