How to Beat Cleopatra’s Vault with Advantage Play

Cleopatra’s Vault is an advantage play slot.

ManufacturerAristocrat Gaming

How to Play Cleopatra’s Vault

Cleopatra’s Vault is played by collecting coins with credit prizes above the reels. When a column is completely filled, the player wins the credit values of all the coins. Winning the column of coins will clear out the entire board of coins. This game comes in another skin called Aztec Vault and is played exactly the same way even though the free games features are different.

Beating Cleopatra’s Vault with Advantage Play

Wheel Coins: Treat wheel coins as 35x the credit value they represent.

Win-All Coins: Increase the total value of these coins on the board by 20%.

Minimum Equity for Play: The equity of all 5 coins in all columns need to be 60x your bet.

Playing with Lower Equity: If 10x or 25x scrolling multipliers are present above any column that’s one position away from triggering.


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