How to Beat Cash Cano: Roman Riches

Cash Cano: Roman Riches is an advantage play slot.

How to Cash Cano: Roman Riches with Advantage Play

Cash Cano has four rows above the reels that hold gems with prizes. Land gems in the middle reels to trigger the bonus feature, giving you a shot at these prizes and jackpots. Collect three gems in a row to unlock its jackpot during the hold & spin feature, where each new gem resets your spins to three. Cash Cano: Tiki is another version of this game that plays exactly the same.

Beating Cash Cano: Roman Riches with Advantage Play

Play Cash Cano when two rows already have three gems each or when one row has three gems with the total credit value on the minor, maxi, and major (excluding mini) are at least 45x your bet. 


Why is having more collected gems advantageous?

More gems increase your chances to win credit prizes and jackpots once rows unlock. Also, unlocking one row often cascades to unlock another, thanks to collected gems counting towards upper rows.

Does Cash Cano have high variance?

Yes, because collecting gems does not mean you are guaranteed to win the gem credit prizes or jackpots. Unlocking rows requires landing additional gems during the hold & spin feature, which is unpredictable and not always successful.

How does row position affect variance and payout?

A filled bottom row (minor) offers lower variance and easier unlocks but smaller payouts. Conversely, a filled top row (grand) is higher variance, harder to unlock, but offers larger rewards.

How many gems are needed to unlock each row?

To unlock rows, you need 9 gems for Minor, 12 for Maxi, 15 for Major, and 18 for Grand.

What does the Volcano Symbol do?

Landing a volcano symbol in reels one or five boosts credit prizes on random gems.

What happens to the gems after the Cash Cano feature?

Post-feature, all gems are cleared, and two or more new gems are randomly added to the rows.

How quickly do gems accrue and what is a common board state?

Gems accrue quickly and can appear on any spin. Rows with two gems are very common.

Is playing with two gems in each row ever advantageous?

No, this is a losing strategy.

How is the free spins bonus triggered and its relation to the Cash Cano feature?

Landing scatter symbols in the three middle reels triggers free spins, during which triggering the Cash Cano feature is fairly common.

Does the game give any hints before triggering the Cash Cano feature?

An animation saying “Luck has arrived” often precedes the Cash Cano feature.

When is it a good time to play based on gem collection and credit value?

A solid play opportunity arises when the bottom row has three gems, and the total credit value in the minor, maxi, and major rows equals about 50x your bet.

What is the gameplay process during the Cash Cano feature?

You get three spins to land additional gems during the feature, with each new gem resetting your spins to three. Enough collected gems can unlock jackpots if rows are fully unlocked.

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