How to quit gambling away your hard-earned money and start seeing slots as lucrative investment machines


1. They Are GAMBLING

Hoping to strike it rich off of a single spin is NOT a profitable strategy.

2. They lack an understanding of how slots work

Slots CAN be beaten, but you need to know what you're doing

3. They depend on luck over logic

Slots are programmed based on math. Using anything other than math to beat slots is futile.


Advantage play is the art of using logical and mathematical methods to gain an edge in a casino game.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a genius to get into advantage play.

It’s 100% legal, and even a 5th grader can do it.

When it comes to beating slots, all you’re looking for is certain numbers, symbols or indicators on when to play.

The hard part is staying disciplined and NOT gambling.


Once you decide to become an advantage player, you will soon realize that gambling will no longer be fun.


Because the thrill of gambling disappears when you start to view events and outcomes logically, without the shroud of hope, uncertainty and “what ifs?”


The Advantage Play Slots Inner Circle was designed to give you a shortcut to being a successful slot player.

You’ll get decades’ worth of advantage play knowledge right at your fingertips.



Get access to over 200+ strategy guides that are packed with information on beating certain slots. You'll even get access to calculators that you can use to determine whether or not you have an edge.


Join our Telegram Group that's run by 7-figure advantage players. Learn decades' worth of knowledge by directly asking us questions.


We are a team of 9 full-time advantage players that have taken over $3 million from casinos all over the world.

We’ve also been kicked out of almost every casino in America, but we still return to these casinos all the time to continue what we do.

And don’t worry. We’re on the blacklist because we engage in table games and other lucrative opportunities that casinos disapprove of.

It’s uncommon to get kicked out as a slot player, as they are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to what casinos are worried about. 

Don’t believe us? Here’s some of our database profiles.



How much of a bankroll do I need to get started?

$10,000 is ideal and will allow you to play most games, but keep in mind that plenty of people build their bankrolls with less than $500.

Can this replace my full-time job?

Yes, it can, but that doesn’t mean you it should. At the highest level, Advantage Play can make you over a million dollars a year, but it takes a lot of time and effort. If you don’t see yourself becoming obsessed with the idea of beating slot machines and the casino, then you should probably treat this as a side hustle.

Why are you giving this information away?

The main reason why we give away all this information is because a lot of us don’t beat slots for a living anymore. We’ve found other opportunities that generate us a lot more income.

The second reason is that we generally dislike gatekeeping. If there is information that can benefit others without harming us, then there is no reason why we shouldn’t reveal it.

This sounds too good to be true.

Success isn’t made overnight. We’ll teach you everything you need to make money, but you still need to take action and put the hours in.

Do you guarantee anything?

Casino games are designed with variance, which is another way to say swings. Just because you have an edge doesn’t mean that you’re invincible to losing.

You need to put the hours in to get to the long run.

How do I know advantage play is legit?

If our database profiles don’t prove that you can beat casinos, then I’m not sure what will. 

Look up the names Ed Thorpe, William Benter, Arnold Synder, and James Grosjean. These are all famous advantage players that have paved the way for other advantage players.

You can also find videos on YouTube of people getting kicked out of casinos for card counting. If the casinos always have the advantage, then why do they ban people for playing “correctly”?

Am I a good fit for this?

If you have a gambling addiction, then it’s probably best you stay away from this for now. Just because you learn how to beat the casino doesn’t mean that your addiction will be cured. 

There are plenty of advantage players who have made seven figures and then lost it all back because of a lack of self-discipline.

If you are not coachable, then this isn’t for you. You need to come into this world with an open mind. A lot of what we teach will change the way you view casinos, businesses and life.

If beating the casino goes against your moral code, then this probably isn’t for you.

Lastly, if you’re scared of these environments and don’t find pleasure in making money by playing slot, then this probably isn’t for you either.

On the fence? Book a call with a professional advantage player to discuss more.

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